Posted on Jan 10, 2019

Thunder Well & Pump

Bottled Water vs Tap water.
Did you know that 45% of bottled water is just tap water. If you drink Dasani or Aquafina then you are drinking tap water that is filtered. Here is Dasani’s filtration process.

The average person purchases 45.1 gallons of bottled water a year there are 7.6, 16.9oz bottles in one gallon, that is 342 bottles a year. With the average cost being $1.29 when bought individually that means you are spending roughly $441 per person in your house for bottled water a year. The EPA states that the average cost of tap water is $2.00 per thousand gallons of water. That same 342 bottles filled with tap water would cost you $0.045 PER YEAR . Another way to look at it is that as soon as you buy your first bottle of water, you’ve already spent more than what you would for an ENTIRE YEAR of tap water. Wow. Now if you want the same taste as Dasani water, we can install a filtration system identical to theirs in your home for about the same cost as 5 people drinking bottled water in your home a year. If not less depending on your water test results.
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